Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Birth Stats Part 1

I have been watching a lot of birth vlogs and reading birth stories since I’ve been pregnant. I’ve noticed that many moms have some patterns in their births. Every birth differs but I’ve seen some that tend to have quicker labors consistently, go over their due dates consistently, and some other things that make predicting certain things about their labor to be accurate and go as they had kind of expected. Obviously, I’ve seen a lot of things that have gone unexpectedly as well. For me, one thing that has been consistent is the fact that I’ve had to have pitocin every.single.time. to progress labor. My body hasn’t seemed to like dilating on it’s own, at least not in a reasonable amount of time! Even when my water breaks as it has half the time. I want to shift a little from hearing about other’s experiences and start studying my own as labor draws ever so near. I remember the night I had gone into labor with Liv. We had walked around the neighborhood and were watching the cousins. We  ate some dinner outside on the picnic table  and took them bike riding and tree climbing. After the cousins left and everyone had gone to bed I heated up some fried potatoes and ketchup. It was midnight and I was reading over my past labors to see if I could find any pattern to my labors or labor sign that I could be close. I thought to myself how it was midnight and I’d be in trouble if I were to go into labor any time soon as I wasn’t rested. So I went to bed and one hour later I woke up in bed soaking wet! My water had broken! So here I was a week before my due date, not even packed for the hospital because the others had been late, aside from Sam on her due date (who does that?!), and running around like crazy up and down the stairs with a towel between my legs trying to pack. Derrick wanted to help but didn’t know what I needed. My earliest (so far) is 6 days and my latest is (so far) 6 days over.

36 Weeks, 6 Days

Getting closer and closer each day! The baby moves around like crazy with huge movements. I really enjoy getting to feel that. I will be 37 weeks tomorrow! I’m very excited to go into labor (most likely be induced although I’d much rather go on my own) and meet the baby! It’s fun to stare at the boy and girl clothes wondering which we will be using. With the dr wanting to induce at 39 weeks, it looks like it will just be a couple of weeks. However, I’m going to try and push it as far as I can up to my due date. Many of the cousins fall into the 20s along with some of ours and we have some dates that would be fun to add to that pattern. Caden- the 22nd, Bailey-23rd, 24- no one yet, 25- Mia and Noah,  Pai-26th, and the 27th would be another good one to fill. Today I took the kids up to Derrick’s base to get free school supplies and Derrick took us out to lunch at Los Cabos. It was a fun day!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

35 Weeks, 4 Days

At the dr today, I was tested for Group B strep. The baby is estimated to weigh 6lbs4oz. Dr. Martin said she wants to induce me at 39 weeks (my age). I asked if that was the latest she’d want me to go and she said that’s what is recommended and maybe I could go a couple of days over if I wanted.

Friday, July 13, 2018

33 Weeks, 2 Days

I had a dr appointment today and it was short and sweet. The baby is estimated to weigh 5lbs4oz. I had a good blood draw this time (last time they had to do it twice and it was painful for awhile๐Ÿ˜ž) for a thyroid check. I will go back in two weeks and will have my group B strep test. I watched Amaya (she had an exciting day and I’ll have to post pics of it soon) for a bit today and Lili took the kids to Safari Joe’s with Pai.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Our 16th Anniversary

By Derrick:

This Dear Saint.
A bittersweet day. A funeral/anniversary day.

Anniversary first:
Today, I celebrate life with my bride of 16 years. Here’s our track record since June 29th, 2002: 1 apartment, 3 houses, 6 jobs, 4 deployments (away from home 345 days), 10 vehicles, 3 cats, 1 dog, 6 fish, and 1 hermit crab. 5 church families, 7 kids (3 boys, 3 girls, 1 ??? - due in August), and multiple ER visits. 34 college semesters, 7 degrees, and 11 majors (ha!). 1 political campaign and 3 years in office. Vacations to Branson, Hawaii, Mexico, both coasts, and the gulf. All the major theme parks from Disneyland to Sea-world, SilverDollarCity and Frontier City. Good times of laughing and sad times of tears. Hard times of disagreement and happy times of joy. Weddings and funerals. Birthdays more than I can count...but if I had to try, I think it’s 87 within our family alone. I love her more today than I did the day I met her. Amber is truly a saint. I say all of this - not to boast (read that again), but to count my blessings, and more importantly today, to reflect...

Ironically, today is also the home-going funeral service of a dear sister in Christ, whom if it wasn’t for her by the grace of God, all of the memories above would be erased, gone, never have happened. Wouldn’t be celebrating an anniversary today. Wouldn’t have 5 of these kids today. Life would be very, very different. Pam knew that. 

Pamela Devitt is a saint. Pam and Terry entered into our lives in 2005. This was about 3 years into our marriage...just as it was spinning wildly out of control into an inevitable disaster of an end. From all likely outcomes, it looked like divorce, heartache, split family, years of picking up the pieces, and trying to start over with less of a foundation than before. Pam was bold enough to step into our lives and not let this happen.

This sister in Christ, this dear saint (along with her husband Terry), pointed Amber and I to scripture, to Christ, helping us understand what marriage was, and more importantly who we were in Him. Our marital foundation before had been built on sand, on the lusts of the world, and on Hollywood projections of marriage. Not upon Christ and his bride, the church. Pam and Terry spent months into years investing in our life. Without God’s grace shining through Pam, I am certain the top paragraph of this post would not exist. She lovingly served Amber and I in a way in which we will never forget and forever be grateful. And she lived in such a way, all the way, to the end. Helping others. Loving others.

Pam is a dear saint and she will be missed tremendously. But our reunion in Heaven will be so wonderful, so joyful, and everlasting. I am certain she is spreading joy and seeing the fruit of her labor here on earth. Well done, good and faithful servant. We love you and Terry and will see you soon. 

With love, in Christ,
Derrick and Amber

Saturday, June 23, 2018

30 Weeks, 3 Days

I went to the dr yesterday. The baby is estimated to weigh 4 lbs, 2 oz. I think I said already that I do not have Gestational Diabetes. The group B Strep test is coming up and hopefully I won’t have that. I did have it last time though. So excited for the countdown. I want it to get here fast but, then again, the kids and I are still pressing on with math and a little other schoolwork. I kind of wish the baby’s arrival was before co-op starts but the due date is a few weeks after co-op has begun. ๐Ÿ˜ง The pregnancy is starting to get s little more uncomfortable but not bad. Certain positions are painful, the baby feels really heavy in some places sometimes and that can hurt, starting to need some Tums like I usually do nearing the end, and I’ve been making several bathroom trips all day and throughout the night because the baby’s head rests on my bladder. I love getting to experience pregnancy at our new house and neighborhood! The summer has been fun! Sam and I made a vegetable garden with Derrick’s help one weekend! So far we have ๐ŸŒฟ basil, tomatoes ๐Ÿ…, and peppers ๐ŸŒถ.  I have been making Caprese salad A LOT, which no one else around here cares to eat. The tomatoes and basil could save me a lot of money! Recently I got some cute maternity clothes from Kohl’s. I’m starting to get to the point now where if I buy much more, I will not have time to get much use of them but it is fun wearing them now. We are preparing for our Padre trip and are super excited! ๐Ÿค—

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Almost 30 Weeks!

I just got the Blogger app installed on my phone and hopefully it will help me to post more! I am getting close! Sometimes it feels far to still have 10-11 weeks left but it is actually flying as the summer ALWAYS does! Such a crazy time to have the baby RIGHT when the school year starts. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ We are planning to go to Padre Island ๐ŸŒด in a couple of weeks! The kids are super excited. As for the pregnancy, they drew blood the other day and had to go to another arm because they didn’t get it. I hate it when that happens but at least they didn’t have to do it again and dig in where they had already been like a few times in the past (not this pregnancy). I passed my glucose test (I always have) but am slightly anemic. I am 10.9 but should be 11.5. Not bad though. In the past I have been much lower and definitely “felt” it. I didn’t feel it this time. The babe is 3 lbs. Here is a pic: 

If the baby is a boy, he will be Augustine Elijah. If the baby is a girl, Willa Noel (asking Derrick about adding Elizabeth too, not because it’s my middle name but I think it’s pretty and a Bible name). The little boys are so cute, often hugging and kissing the baby. Noah is overjoyed that he will be a big brother! I have another dr appointment and then will be down to weekly appointments.