Thursday, April 12, 2018

Week 20 ~2nd Trimester~

I had hoped to post before now! It's been rough. It seems the morning sickness lasted until the 16th week this time, rather than the usual 12 weeks. When that magical # hit 12 I was a bit disappointed that it didn't let up but little by little things did get better up to that 16 week mark. I missed a lot of church ( mostly Sunday and Wednesday nights). I also had a couple of really bad sicknesses on top of the morning sickness. I'm actually just now getting over what I think was flu b ( if it wasn't, it may as well have been) and was very sick for a whole week! I was thankful the kids were able to keep on their schoolwork while I was in bed much of the time. Livi couldn't do much without me though and Bella was sick for a lot of those days as well. I fell sick not long after Easter but we all had a wonderful Easter with family. 😊

Today (April 12th) was my special ultrasound that was very detailed. It was hard closing my eyes yet again when the technician took pics of the sex of the baby. It will be so exciting the day of birth though and it's fun playing and guessing now up til that point. Bella and Sam have had fun coming to other ultrasounds (while the others hung out at Gigi's) and we three had to close our eyes last time too! I was surprised because the baby is 13 oz. ( close to a lb already)! It is in the 82nd percentile, so, big! I am still recovering from being sick and came home and took a long nap with Noah. It's actually hard for me to only take a short nap right now which has always been normal for my pregnancies. I am 20 weeks today and officially halfway there! My belly is getting bigger and I'm sure much more noticeable.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Need to read some of these that she highly recommended...

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