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Our Newest Gift from the Lord

I did a lot of complaining of the realities of the first trimester in that last post but now I want to speak of the joy of getting to be pregnant with another blessing! I remember an old beloved pastor of ours that had 8 children and he said our children are the only things we can take to heaven with us! Of course they can't ride on our coat tails or anything and obviously have to have their own faith in the Lord but you know what he meant! 😉 Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord and I am so very happy to be blessed with another! I am also looking forward to experiencing everything with this baby in our new house (well we've been here two plus years) and in our wonderful neighborhood! I look forward to experiencing going into labor here in this house, coming home here from the hospital with our new baby,  pushing the stroller with baby, pushing the baby in the swing at our park, watching the other kids delight in this baby they have prayed for...
Now- this gift- this was literally a gift we found out we were given on Christmas morning this year! I really didn't know those two lines were really going to appear when I took the test just before going to my sweet in-law's house to celebrate Christmas and after we had unwrapped and celebrated with the kids. My sister-in-law, Mikaela had sent me a message on Dec. 19th saying she had a pregnancy dream and that every time she had a dream like that I was pregnant. By Christmas I was two days late. When I told Derrick a few days before what she said he said, "That's because you're always pregnant." I said, "Oh, yeah..." I told Derrick about the test when we got in the car and headed out. I began with a story. It had been some months back and I remember that I was standing by the coffee pot. I can't remember what triggered the thought exactly but I was thinking in my head, "Wouldn't it be neat if we had a (little girl) named Willa ( Derrick and I liked this name and had it picked out for if Noah had been a girl) and she was born in December and we named her Willa Noel...and I remember Derrick saying before that he liked the name Noel" (because we know how long we can go back and forth with names we both agree on 😂).  And then- Bella was in the kitchen doing something and she ran into the living room (coffee bar) to me and said, " Mom, wouldn't it be cool if we had Willa in December"( and I think she finished the thought with "at Christmas time?!") Now, we've talked about our "hypothetical" "imaginary?" Willa before like when I've seen a pretty baby dress walking through Dillards and tease about how it would look good on "Willa" followed by an "or this would look great on Willy (yeah, no not that name!)" pointing at a boy outfit but it was so crazy that we both had that thought at that moment! I think I just nodded my head and was stunned but just tucked it away. Now here I was on Christmas morning with those two blue lines and couldn't help  help but wonder if  just maybe Willa would be conceived in December? I don't know... I don't want to be too presumptuous but I'm thinking if this baby is a girl, she needs to have the middle name Noel! Derrick and I have already decided that. BUT we would also be thankful to have another boy and have a name for him that Derrick absolutely loves (namely for who he'd be named after)- Augustine. It's exciting and we've also decided not to find out if the baby is a boy or girl until birth! We did this once with Bella and it was so fun! The nurse said, "Isabella ain't a fella!" and that is how we found out! I've just got one more thing to do with the names... Convince Derrick that Elijah would be a perfect middle name for Augustine. I've tried to name a boy that since Bailey (our first) and we've had two boys since. I think I know by now that it'll never be a first name of any of my children so I'd settle if I could get it for a middle! 😉 The due date is August 30th but I'm pretty sure we'll most likely have a September baby since only one of my babies came early (6 days!), 1 on her due date, and the rest late, late, late (well only 5 days at the most but when you're that pregnant, that's a long time😂)!

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11 Weeks! ~First Trimester Woes~

This is an ultrasound picture at 10 weeks! So cute!!! I was relieved to get to see the baby and hear a strong heartbeat of 173 because I have had a miscarriage at 7 weeks (before Livi, our 4th baby). I am 11 weeks now and so thankful to be heading into the 2nd Trimester soon. It hasn't been easy to be for sure. I always brace myself after I see those two lines for what is quickly to follow: the terrible moodiness, nausea (so thankful this never includes vomiting), the burning, empty stomach, the relentless tiredness, and the food aversions. I can't eat certain things that I regularly love like my sausage or bacon and eggs and coffee with cream and Truvia. Coffee!! I can't drink coffee right now. What?! I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've had that aversion. At first I thought I just couldn't bare to make it but I discovered I couldn't even drink it when Derrick would make it. I also have a heightened sense of smell. I have a lot of fun trying to hit my goal of 10,000 steps on my Fitbit normally but now, on a good day, I only hit 6,000. I've had too many days of sadly hitting between 3,000-4,000! 😯 Normally I like to have the dishes done and wake up to a clean sink every morning but I can't keep up so the sink has stayed full as I fight to tame it. Derrick went out of town and I have been doing easy things and cooking a lot less so I'm almost caught up! The kids do many of the other chores but I tend to like to manage the dishes myself. I have my precious dishes that I don't want to see broken plus the kids use a lot of paper plates. The laundry continues to nip at my heels but the older kids are doing theirs. I just need to get better at making sure they get it put away and, honestly, the girls are dealing with too many and I need to find the energy to go through them and give some away that aren't working/fitting any more.  I've had some rough days but usually start to feel better at 12 weeks. I've actually had a pretty productive day today and felt almost semi-normal so I'm hoping by next week I will feel more like myself and be able to function better. This pregnancy hasn't really seemed harder (I'm getting older) but I have slept a lot more than ever! I think in that respect I've actually had less nausea than I remember experiencing before. So I would say the pregnancy feels "different." It's hard to describe really. 

Just a Regular Grocery Trip

I sent this picture to Derrick and this picture shows about half of the groceries. It's a regular weekly trip to Sam's. However, the second week of groceries is a lighter load. I have joked before that we eat like princes the first week and paupers the second week after payday. I try to balance it to the end but sometimes I'm getting more creative with the meals and pulling from the pantry until payday comes around again.