Tuesday, August 21, 2018

More Baby Shower Pictures 2

More Baby Shower Pictures

A Surprise Baby Shower

Barb, Steph, Mikaela, and my mom surprised me with a baby shower on August 11th!! It was wonderful! So this was supposed to be a “housewarming party” for my mom but turned out to be a baby shower for me! I wanted to walk down to her house so Derrick, the boys, and I set off with her gift and the girls were already there helping. When we got to her house I saw lots of my friends cars. I said I felt like we were at church because there were a lot of cars that are usually in our church parking lot! 😉 After everyone yelled, “Surprise!”, the boys took off to the movies to watch Incredibles 2. Uncle Jaared had already seen it and ran an errand and then hung out for a bit. I felt so blessed and special, only, a bit sad my mom didn’t get a housewarming party! 🙃

38 Weeks, 5 Days

I went to the dr yesterday. The baby is estimated to weigh 8.2. I am dilated to a 2 (all by myself!) which is a big deal for me! I have always been a 1 at the end of my pregnancies, with the exception of Isabella. With her, I had contractions for days and called Derrick out of work twice thinking I was in true labor when I wasn’t. I had dilated to a 3 and gone into labor. I have had “tightening” in my stomach for several days so I hope my body is doing something. I am scheduled to go to the hospital on the morning of the 23rd so whether I go into labor on my own or not, we will have our baby very soon! 🤗

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Birth Stats Part 1

I have been watching a lot of birth vlogs and reading birth stories since I’ve been pregnant. I’ve noticed that many moms have some patterns in their births. Every birth differs but I’ve seen some that tend to have quicker labors consistently, go over their due dates consistently, and some other things that make predicting certain things about their labor to be accurate and go as they had kind of expected. Obviously, I’ve seen a lot of things that have gone unexpectedly as well. For me, one thing that has been consistent is the fact that I’ve had to have pitocin every.single.time. to progress labor. My body hasn’t seemed to like dilating on it’s own, at least not in a reasonable amount of time! Even when my water breaks as it has half the time. I want to shift a little from hearing about other’s experiences and start studying my own as labor draws ever so near. I remember the night I had gone into labor with Liv. We had walked around the neighborhood and were watching the cousins. We  ate some dinner outside on the picnic table  and took them bike riding and tree climbing. After the cousins left and everyone had gone to bed I heated up some fried potatoes and ketchup. It was midnight and I was reading over my past labors to see if I could find any pattern to my labors or labor sign that I could be close. I thought to myself how it was midnight and I’d be in trouble if I were to go into labor any time soon as I wasn’t rested. So I went to bed and one hour later I woke up in bed soaking wet! My water had broken! So here I was a week before my due date, not even packed for the hospital because the others had been late, aside from Sam on her due date (who does that?!), and running around like crazy up and down the stairs with a towel between my legs trying to pack. Derrick wanted to help but didn’t know what I needed. My earliest (so far) is 6 days and my latest is (so far) 6 days over.

36 Weeks, 6 Days

Getting closer and closer each day! The baby moves around like crazy with huge movements. I really enjoy getting to feel that. I will be 37 weeks tomorrow! I’m very excited to go into labor (most likely be induced although I’d much rather go on my own) and meet the baby! It’s fun to stare at the boy and girl clothes wondering which we will be using. With the dr wanting to induce at 39 weeks, it looks like it will just be a couple of weeks. However, I’m going to try and push it as far as I can up to my due date. Many of the cousins fall into the 20s along with some of ours and we have some dates that would be fun to add to that pattern. Caden- the 22nd, Bailey-23rd, 24- no one yet, 25- Mia and Noah,  Pai-26th, and the 27th would be another good one to fill. Today I took the kids up to Derrick’s base to get free school supplies and Derrick took us out to lunch at Los Cabos. It was a fun day!

On August 9th, the baby was estimated to weigh 7.1.