Sunday, May 3, 2015

All Worth It

I am enjoying little 3 month old Noah tonight before bed. I was thinking back on the day I gave birth and met him face to face. It must've been the 2nd day I had him when a lady that was working on his birth certificate came into my room. I was looking at him and adoring him in all his preciousness. She said, "Is he your first?" I probably giggled a little like I do when someone asks that (obviously without my other children in tow.) and said, "No, he's my 6th." She said dramatically, "What?!? You were looking at him like he's your first!" 

Tonight I'm thinking of all the "costs" of having him. The difficulty of pregnancy, especially when there's other children to care for, all the cleaning I was too tired to do, pain in the birthing process  (though I've had waaaay more pain in other births), the stubborn weight that does not want to come off (which is causing me to wear the same clothes over and over again), and other things along that line. I was thinking he (and all our other children) are SO worth any cost we may have to go through. Any cost that may come through hopefully having them for the rest of my life here and, even more so, I pray for all eternity. I pray their trust will be in Christ and they will all be the one and only thing Derrick and I take into eternity with us. They are worth every tear, every pain, every heartache, any inconvenience, anything we have to sacrifice, any loss of sleep, any lack of accomplishment, any mess they make, any embarrassment they may potentially bring, anything that may get broken on account of them, any event that has to be missed, any  not being able to "keep up with the Jones'," any worry they cause, any anything not listed here. There has not been one single moment, truly, of their life when they were not worth it. I have always told Bailey (and I mean it for the others too), there is nothing you could ever do that I won't forgive you for. Yes, they are worth it, always have been, and always will be. No. Matter. What.