Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oxley Nature Center and Sam's Birthday Day

If you look at the picture of the water closely, you will see a snake slithering away in it. Three of us ended up with ticks that day. I did not enjoy that part.

The other pictures are of the day of Samantha's birthday. Derrick helped the kids with getting something for my birthday and they came in the mail! Bailey picked out a welcome mat for me and Samantha picked out a frog candle. That was fun! We went out for ice cream that night with Aaron, Kay Kay, & Grandma Bobber.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quest Recitation & Awards Night

This was a fun-filled night! After the awards we had ice cream at the church! Then some fun with our friends, Zaccaheus & Skyler. Zacchaeus and Isabella are only 3 months apart (Isabella has 3 months on him) and look at how he towers over her! This boy is going to be tall! He's a sweetie.