Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Weeping Willow

Derrick was talking about putting another baby, sorry, tree in the backyard. I told him we should get a Weeping Willow. He was not impressed with my idea.He thinks they are messy and he wants a big shade tree. We went to our friends house and the kids loved playing underneath hers. Just wanted to show Derrick how cute they are playing under it and how much they liked it! Ahhh! Maybe this will convince him.

A Sweet Picture

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Conversation Between the Kids

(Picture them sitting on the counter eating chicken remains from a cooked young chicken in the crockpot and throwing down bones to Molly).

Samantha: "This is good chicken!"
(Some more conversation between them.)
Samantha: "What is this made from?"
Bailey: "Cow."
(Insert them smacking on the chicken in silence.)

All the while, Isabella was sitting at the table polishing off her chocolate ice cream. She looked like a clown with it all over her nose and mouth. She finished hers, reached over and stole Bailey's ice cream and began eating it while he was oblivious on the counter!

P.S. I did inform them that the chicken came from a chicken though. ;)

Rooibos: Regular Rooibos tea vs. Green Rooibos tea | Metaphoric Labs

Rooibos: Regular Rooibos tea vs. Green Rooibos tea | Metaphoric Labs

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Derrick, an official aviator!

Derrick has worked really hard and has earned his Pilot's license! Seeing some of the stuff he had to learn, I know what an accomplishment that is. Soon, we will fly somewhere and go out on a date!