Friday, November 11, 2011

A Sweet Veteran's Day

Today was a very busy but very blessed day. It was Town Day (I have been learning how to schedule and organize better by reading Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman. Love it!) and very full. Instead of going to co-op we were in the Veteran's Day parade! The kids didn't know what to think about that! When we got home Samantha said, "When I was in the parade I forgot about my whole life! It was like...I was always in a parade." I think I know what feeling she meant but I loved the way she articulated it. ;) Bailey carried a sign with a picture of Derrick that said, "My dad serves in the Air National Guard." We brought candy to throw but learned that we were not allowed to throw it because it would be dangerous if the children ran out in the street to get it. It was really neat. We were in line with the Homeschool Fellowship group from Tulsa Bible Church.

After the parade we ran home for a bit. Then we were off to take Samantha to piano lessons, a quick run by the store, and a trip to the doctor! Livi had her 18-month "Well-child check." She is in the 90th percentile for height! Wow! None of our other children have ever been even close to that. She is 25th percentile for weight. She has gained 2 and a half pounds in the past 3 months. She eats very, very well. ;)

After dinner tonight Derrick and I were invited by the kids to a "meeting." Bailey said he was "the mayor." It was so sweet and really blessed my heart. They basically put on a church service. Isabella sang "Jesus Loves Me." Samantha had some hymn sheets that she saves from church that she used when she performed on "the stage" for us. She sang, "I Will Rise." Bailey gave us all Bibles and had us read aloud scripture. Then Bailey announced that we were going to give testimonies about "How we became Christians." Derrick and I gave our testimonies "on the stage." Such sweet family time. I hope they invite us to another. ;)

Now Bailey and Samantha are going to help me make a cake for Isabella's Birthday Tea Party tomorrow.