Wednesday, June 25, 2014

An Anticipated Day

We've been waiting a long while to have a Walmart in our town. Today was the opening day! Derrick told the kids when it opened, he'd take them to buy something.  It was so much fun to go on that outing. We were greeted with Coca Cola Floats at the door. ;) The kids chose a Four Square ball and a big pack of chalk. When we got home, Derrick drew 4 Square for them. He mowed the lawn while the kids and I played. Then he joined us. After that he drew a really fun Hop Scotch. Later Bailey wrote, "I love my mom and dad!" where we'd see it when we walked out the door. He was sitting in a chair eating his icee (Flavor Ice), I think, and said, "This is the best day ever!" :-)

*Tonight I went back up to Walmart to get a few things. When I was close to the entrance I saw a man waving at me and he said, "It's my favorite Reasor's customer!" I felt a bit like a traitor when I realized it was one of the Reasor's managers, I think but, hey, he was there too! He said he had to come see how big it was. I told him we'd still come see him too.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A snake!

What a wild day the kids have had! Today we were cleaning when Lili pulled up in our driveway. She had been calling me but I was in the garage cleaning and didn't know it. She said, "C'mon! She's having a baby! Hurry! She had two before I left and was having another when I was leaving. Bailey was not at all reluctant to leaving his job and hopping in her car! He ran and got the girls and they were off! At first, I couldn't wrap my head around WHO was having a baby?! It was her cat, Liliana, having kittens! Then Bay, Cam, and I took a late walk a little bit ago. When we were coming in we saw Bay's bike in the middle of the road. Cam and I were ahead of Liv when she screamed and yelled, Snake!! I came around the car and saw a big shadow that looked like one and directed her where to go because she was frozen. She got away and I came in to tell Derrick. He was doctoring Bay, who had apparently had a bike wreck. He came out and the neighbors gathered around and we all watched him kill it but it took awhile because it seemed to be playing dead and then would move. He finally cut his head off. It was over 3 feet. The neighbor thought Copperhead. It did have a pattern but Derrick thinks it's a black snake. So freaky that Livi was standing right in front of it! We watched it move for awhile after it was dead.
A funny: Yesterday I had a long day and was realllly tired. The kids were being kind of loud and wild. Cam was squealing, Bay and Sam were doing sword play type stuff with the broom instead of cleaning up after dinner, even a little wrestling on the kitchen floor. Bel was laughing, being silly and ever so slowly, if even, going to go do her bathroom chore. Liv was making noise somehow, perhaps saying, "Mama, mama, mamaaa" before being answered by me. It was movie night. I was struggling to have patience and felt my blood pressure rising. I said, "I'm about to send you all to bed! You're not doing what I've asked you and you're all being wild and loud!" Bella scampered off to clean the bathroom, I sent Liv to clean her room, Bailey said, "No, we're not!" and he and Sam got busy. A few minutes later I felt bad and said, "Please forgive me for talking to you the way I did. I'm having trouble right now and am really tired." Bailey said, "Well, I don't like it anymore than you do!! All the wildness and the loud. But I'm just holding my temper!" The way he said it made me laugh out loud. Also, I was thinking, "YOU, a big contributor of it, has a problem with it?!" ;)