Monday, December 5, 2011

Picking Out a Christmas Tree!

It's been a fun weekend, minus being sick. Friday we went to a Christmas tree nursery. Samantha picked the tree and Derrick and Bailey cut it down. We drank some apple cider and the kids ate candy canes. I love getting a real tree and the smell of them! We came back home and decorated it. I went to rent a movie and found that Reasor's video was closing down and they were selling everything. So, I bought The Nativity for $1.99. I also bought a bunch of other favorites, like The Ultimate Gift,Saving Sarah Cain, Flywheel, and some others for $1.99. We watched The Nativity that night. Saturday Derrick left and went to Dallas to run in the Dallas Marathon on Sunday! He did very well. He ran a 4:10, though his goal every year is to break 4:00. His best time is 4:01. We stayed home this time. That was a very lazy Saturday and Isabella and I were just beginning to feel the sickness Samantha had passed on to us. We didn't get hardly a thing done except watch a movie, eat, and Christmas shop online. So, that was fun. On Sunday we were unable to go to church but we did later in the day eat lunch at grandmas and let Bella nap while we went and grabbed more lights and ornaments. Derrick had said we should get more decorations and lights so the kids wanted to make everything look different for when Derrick came home. We put some lights on the porch outside and the kids hung a whole bunch of different colored birds they had picked out for the tree. Gigi got them some and I got them some.
My mom usually liked our Christmas tree to be decorated all red or all blue and it was really pretty. For instance, she would have all red lights, all red sparkly boots ornaments, all red beads...I loved it when we would get a real tree and she would spray frost on it. I love the story decorations on a tree can tell. Already I have so many stories. The kids have made some of the decorations, some ornaments have been given as gifts, I have some ornaments with their baby pictures, I show the kids which ornament was the first one I bought for them, one says, "Joy" which is Olivia's middle name...
I thought that I arranged the pictures to go in order from top to bottom but I did it backwards. If you want to see the pictures in order you can scroll to the bottom and go up.