Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bay's favorite part of the day!

Samantha -our little baby! When Bay and Sam came up to the hospital to see Isabella when she was born, Derrick wrapped Sam up in a blanket like a burrito (how we bundle the babies) and here she is in the baby seat!

At LaFortune with our friends!

Derrick's 10 year reunion!

After going to Derrick's 10 year reunion where the kids jumped on the jupiter jump and going to the park we had fun with the camera. We would take pictures of ourselves, look at the pictures on the digital camera, then take a picture of us laughing at the pictures! This went on for a little bit and we took a bunch of pictures! It was a lot of fun! Derrick or I asked Bay what his favorite part of the day was when he was going to bed. He said, "When we took a lot of pictures and were laughing. That's what I liked best!" It surprised me that he didn't say one of the other things!

Bay turns 5 tomorrow


Bay feeding Bel cheerio's with chocolate on his face from the cookies they ate on the merry-go-round! He was wearing his, "My dad rocks!" shirt that he wore to cheer his dad on when he ran the Whiterock marathon in Dallas!

Yesterday (Bay when he was a baby)
In one of their children's books tonight we read, "Children are a gift from God; they are His reward." Psalm 127:3

At the grocery store today some older women stopped to admire them. One said, "Do you know how blessed you are?" The other one said, "Enjoy them because they grow up fast!" As I have said before, I so believe that! Bay turns 5 tomorrow! Actually at 3:18 this morning! I have been thinking about him as a baby. The memories are sweet! It really has gone by fast! Today we went to the grocery store and picked out our birthday breakfast celebration stuff. Bay picked a chocolate donut with sprinkles. Samantha picked a strawberry one with sprinkles. I will put a candle in the donut and we will sing to him. They also picked out some fun drinks. Tomorrow we are going to see a movie with our playgroup, popcorn, drinks... the whole bit! They will love it! Then later we will go to Incredible Pizza! He is so excited! I told him to hurry up and go to sleep and when he wakes up he will be 5! Derrick has reminded him that we have never lived with a 5 year old before!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our date

I cannot tell you how nice this was! Here are pictures of the kids when we dropped them off, a picture of what we ate, and a picture of them riding jet skis on the driveway when we were leaving to go home. Derrick and I went to the Riverwalk. We attempted to go to a couple of nice restaurants (Los Cabos was one) but the waits were from 45min.-1 hour! We still had a good dinner though! We ate gyros and tabouli on tables outside and then I got chocolate hazelnut/ espresso gelato and Derrick got coffee. We got to walk around the river before we went to watch our movie. We realized we could come anytime (with the kids) and do everything except the movie. They had a splash pad for the kids and they would love that! It was such a good time. Of course I love anything outdoors and near water and with Derrick!

Grandpa Jerry used to draw Bert & Ernie on our knees when we were little. I guess he decided to keep the tradition! Bailey drew Ernie's body and remembered to put stripes on his shirt. Apparently Ryan didn't like to take baths that would wash Bert & Ernie away!

The kids with Uncle Hero

Thursday, July 17, 2008

baseball game

---We went to a Driller's game. It was nice because it really wasn't very hot outside! They also had mist that sprayed in a certain area and the kids had fun walking through that! When we first got there a man gave them a ball and later a woman noticed they only had one and gave them another one! Everytime we go people do that! Derrick cut us up some watermelon to eat when we got home! Samantha ate hers all the way down to the rind! Bella loves watermelon as you can see!

They ate the cotton candy like ravenous wolves!

Below she was talking about Hornsby! She was fine talking about him but here is her expression when I asked if she wanted to go see him! She also had an egg roll, a drink, and a hot dog (dressed in costumes from Quik Trip) to worry about!

Swimming at Luke's house

After gymnastics we went to Luke's for lunch and the kids swam! It was fun! They loved the balls! We tried to play games with balls (who could get the most of a certain color).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At the lake with Lili

We started going to Skiatook lake where there is a sandy beach in Tall Chief Cove when Bay was a baby! ---Isabella was sooo tired at the end of the day! She really enjoyed the water though! She was laughing and splashing! Bay and Sam didn't want to leave! There is no telling how long they would have wanted to stay!

Molly swimming!

Exercising at the zoo (kind of!)

---We also stopped by a Farmer's market in Catoosa and got a lot of good stuff! We are loving the garden fresh food!

---This bear was scary! He kept snarling his nose & doing weird stuff. Bay said, "Mom, I think he wants to bite us!" Samantha was concerned as well!

---You can barely see it but there was a meerkat standing up behind Samantha! I think they are so cute!


The Cajun's Bayou-one of my favorites!
Monday I was trying to figure out a good way for me to get some exercise and for the kids to have fun. I decided to go to the zoo. It was a lot of walking but there is so much stopping and going that it was not enough to keep my heart rate up! Fun, nonetheless! It's not far from our house and we have a zoo pass so I'm thinking we might try to make a weekly thing of it!